Scientific research licence application

Social Sciences and Traditional Knowledge Research Application

NRI strongly recommends that applicants review the following documents prior to submitting an application: Scientific Research Licensing Guidelines, Negotiating Research Relationships in Inuit Communities: A Guide for Researchers, and the CIHR: Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal Peoples.

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All documents should be uploaded in the following formats: MS Word, Adobe PDF or jpeg.
Please read all requirements for documentation in the application form before attaching.

Section 1: Application information
Section 2: Authorization needed

*If Ethical approval has been granted please attach documentation. If the proposed project is still under ethical review please e-mail the approval when granted to (Mosha Cote)

Ethical approval
You can upload up to 3 files.
Section 3: Project proposal description

Please attach a non-technical description of the project proposal, no more than 500 words, in English and Inuktitut (+Inuinnaqtun, if in the Kitikmeot). The project description should outline the following:

  • Project Title
  • Researcher's Name and Affiliation
  • Project Location
  • Timeframe
  • Project Description
    • purpose
    • goals & objectives
  • Methodology
    • collection protocol
    • collection mechanisms
    • indicate why specific communities or individuals were selected for your research
  • Data
    • short term & long term use of data
    • other uses of data
  • Reporting
    • How will the research results be communicated to the individual participants, communities, regional and Nunavut organizations?
    • Will the research result in a publication?
Non-technical docs
You can upload up to 3 files.
Section 4: Participant consent form

Please attach a copy of the actual consent form that will be used during the proposed study. Consent forms must be in English and Inuktitut (+Inuinnaqtun, if in the Kitikmeot). Components of the participant consent form must include:

  • project title
  • description of project
  • researcher's name, address, telephone & fax.
  • statement of informant rights "I have been fully informed of the objectives of the project being conducted. I understand these objectives and consent to being interviewed for the project. I understand that steps will be undertaken to ensure that this interview will remain confidential unless I consent to being identified. I also understand that, if I wish to withdraw from the study, I may do so without any repercussions."
  • medium of interview : face to face, telephone, audio taped, video taped, photographed
  • conditions for release of recorded information.
  • printed name of participant, signature of participant, witness signature, date of consent.
Section 5: Community involvement & regional benefits
List the community representatives that have been contacted and provide the minutes of the meetings if available

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