If you plan to conduct research in Nunavut in the physical/natural sciences, social sciences, or health research disciplines, you will require a Scientific Research License from the Nunavut Research Instuitute (NRI). Before applying for your scientific research license, please carefully review NRI's Research License Application Guidelines.

After you have reviewed the license application guidelines contact NRI's Manager of Research Liaison, Mosha Cote (mosha.cote@arcticcollege.ca) to confirm whether your research project meets NRI's requirements for licensing under the Scientists Act and to determine which license application form you need to complete.

There are two ways to apply for your Nunavut scientific research license.

Option one (recommended):

Complete the appropriate application form for your research project and submit along with all necessary attachments. *The application form must be completed in one session; it cannot be saved and completed later.

To help you efficiently complete the online application efficiently in one session we recommend that you first download and prefill the appropriate MS license application template for your proposed research.

Fields in the template match those in the online form so you can simply cut and paste prefilled text into the online form. You will receive a response from NRI to confirm receipt of your application.

Option two:

You may download and fill out the appropriate MS license application template for your proposed research.

Please submit your completed application template along with all necessary attachments to NRI’s Manager of Research Licensing, Mosha Cote: mosha.cote@arcticcollege.ca