The Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) is excited to announce the launch of Isirvik - a new website and research portal hosted by the Nunavut Research Institute (NRI), the science division of NAC.  Isirvik, an Inuktitut term that translates to “an entrance,” provides information about all research licensed by the NRI since 2004. Under the territorial Scientists Act, which is administered by NRI, researchers working in the health, natural, and social sciences disciplines must hold a license prior to conducting research in or about Nunavut. The NRI developed Isirvik with support from McMaster University and the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre at Carleton University to improve access to NRI-licensed research.

Isirvik makes research information searchable, comparable and readily available to Nunavummiut. Research projects are shown as geographic points on a map, based on where the research took place. Each entry includes a project summary and information about the research location(s), methods, topics and team members. Isirvik provides a tool for Nunavummiut to easily identify and engage with research taking place in their home communities.

The portal is also a resource for researchers and institutions interested in undertaking future studies in Nunavut. By providing a public platform that brings together information about past and ongoing research, it aims to facilitate partnerships, reduce duplication of efforts, promote Inuit qaujimajatuqangit in research, and encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The logo and illustrations on the Isirvik website were created by Sylvia Pewatooalook, an artist based in Mittimatalik and a 2023 graduate of the Environmental Technology Program at NAC.

Due to the volume of information it contains, Isirvik may take some time to load on your computer. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve website speed and performance for all users. Isirvik is currently compatible with desktop and laptop computers only but will be available on smartphones and tablets soon.

Visit to learn more. For questions or comments about the research portal, please contact us by email at: or by phone at 867-979-7290.