Research Accommodations

The NRI operates research accommodation facilities in Iqaluit, Arviat, and Igloolik which are intended primarily for individuals conducting licensed scientific field research, community engagement, and research training activities.  Each research accommodation facility is a modest but cozy three bedroom bunkhouse or townhouse with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities.  Television, phone, or internet service are not available.  Guests must have their own cel phones for emergency communication purposes. 

The NRI's research accommodation units are not spill-over hotels open for all visitors!  The individuals who are eligible for accommodation include:

  1. Researchers who possess a valid scientific research license to conduct research in Nunavut.
  2. Nunavut Arctic College staff, students, faculty, and NAC research associates participating in scientific research and training activities.
  3. Contractors providing important services to Nunavut Arctic College (only when no other local accommodation is available).
  4. Essential Government of Nunavut workers providing critical services in the community (only when no other local accommodation is available).
  5. Individuals participating in important community events and who receive written approval of NAC’s President (only when no other local accommodation is available).

All requests for accommodation must be submitted at least 30 days before the requested check-in date using the NRI's accommodation booking request form 

The standard daily rate for accommodation for all guests is $75.00 per person with no exceptions.  

For more information on the NRI research accommodation and how to complete your booking, please contact our Manager, Scientific Support Services, Sean Qappik 

**Book your stay early! The NRI research accommodation units are often fully booked during the peak research season which lasts from June until late August.


Laboratory Facilities

Wet laboratory space is available in Iqaluit to support sample processing and analysis. To find out more about using lab space in Iqaluit contact Jamal Shirley, Director, Innovation and Research.