The Nunavut Research Institute (NRI) is your gateway to scientific research in Nunavut! We are a Division of Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) and responsible for administering Scientists Act which applies across the entire territory of Nunavut.  The Act requires that anyone conducting research in the health, social sciences, or natural/physical sciences disciplines must first obtain a license from the NRI.

Through our research licensing process, we are committed to keeping Nunavummiut informed of the research being conducted in our territory, and we make sure that our residents’ needs, concerns, and priorities are carefully considered before any license is approved.  We provide guidance, advice and resources to researchers in multiple disciplines to improve their awareness of the rules and expectations for working in our Territory and to  help foster research that is ethical, inclusive and responsible to Nunavummiut.

As the science division of Nunavut Arctic College (NAC), we also provide research support, guidance, and training for College staff, faculty, and students engaged in research, and we work to create new research projects, partnerships, and networking opportunities that will help strengthen NAC’s capacity as a research leader in our Territory!

To apply for a Science Research License please complete one of the following online application forms:


We are pleased to share with you our Compendium of Research licensed under Nunavut's Scientists Act in 2021.  This document provides information on 117 research projects licensed across the territ