26 Mar 2021
As of April 1, 2021, the community of Clyde River requires that all researchers interested in applying for a Nunavut research license to conduct research in or near Clyde River first complete a letter of intent (LOI). This process ensures that potential research applications align with community priorities, interests, and needs, and creates a more efficient and effective system for applications and review.
09 Dec 2020
NRI has updated our COVID-19 guidance document for researchers working in Nunavut!  Please review this document for important information and updates related to travel restrictions, research licensing, community engagement, and the use of Nunavut Arctic College's research facilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
02 Dec 2020
NRI is pleased to release our 2019 compendium of Nunavut research!  Learn more about the 168 exciting research projects licensed in the health, natural/physical, and social research disciplines in 2019 under Nunavut's Scientists Act.
15 Oct 2020
The Nunavut Research Institute has released a new document entitled "Health Research in Nunavut: Special Considerations for Remote Data Collection".  This document provides guidance for researchers who plan to collect data remotely from or about Nunavummiut using either of these methods:
30 Oct 2019
Our Compendium of Nunavut Research for 2018 is now available!  Find out more about all of the exciting research projects licensed under Nunavut's Scientsist Act  in 2018.
07 Jan 2019
This updated guide provides practical information about how to obtain and renew a license under Nunavut's Scientist Act to conduct research in Nunavut.  The guide is intended for researchers who work in the physical/natural, health, and social science research disciplines in Nunavut.  The guide will explain:  -The scope and purpose of Nunavut’s Scientists Act, including the types of research activities that must be licensed under the Act, and the activities exempt from licensing;
27 Aug 2018
NRI's compendium research for 2017 is now available!  The compendium provides information on 136 research projects licensed in 2017 under Nunavut's Scientists Act, and covers a wide range of research in the health, natural/physical, and social research discplines.  Click here to read and download the compendium.
18 Apr 2018
Do you require logistics support from the Nunavut Research Instituite to conduct field research activites in Iqaluit?  If so, please make sure you download and complete the attached research support request form before you travel to Iqaluit to ensure that NRI is ready to assist you!  Completed forms should be sent electronically to NRI's manager of research support services,
05 Jan 2018
The NRI has teamed up with Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated to establish Nunavut's first ever laboratory diagnostic service for trichinella parasites in walrus.  Learn more on our programs and partnerships page.
05 Jan 2018
Our 2016 compendium of Nunavut research is now available!   The compendium provides information on 128 research projects licensed by NRI in the social, health, and physical/natural research disicplines in Nunavut in 2016.  Our 2017 compendium will be