Scientific research licence application

Health Related Research

If you plan to conduct land and water based field research in Nunavut, you will require a licence, permit or other authorization(s) to do so.  If your research involves abiotic field sampling in Nunavut (sampling or in-situ studies of the air, land, and/or water) you will likely require a scientific research licence from the Nunavut Research Institute.  Before applying for an NRI Scientific Research License for your land and water based research, please contact the NRI's Manager of Research Liaison, Mosha Cote ( to determine whether your research project can be licensed under the Scientists Act, and what other permits or authorizations you may need. Other authorizations needed for research in Nunavut may include:

  • Wildlife Research licence (issued under Nunavut's Wildlife Act), for studies of terrestrial and marine mammals and birds and vegetation
  • Archeological Research permit (issued under the Archeological Sites Regulations of the Nunavut Act)
  • National Parks Research permit (issued under the National Parks Act)
  • Fisheries Research licence (issued under the Fisheries Act) to collect any aquatic organisms (including aquatic/marine plants, fish, and marine mammals) for scientific purposes.
  • Access permit (issued by Environment Canada) to conduct research activities in Nunavut's National Conservation Areas and Bird Sanctuaries
  • Access permit (issued by the appropriate Regional Inuit Association) to conduct research on Nunavut Inuit Owned lands
  • Review and Land Use Conformity Determination by the Nunavut Planning Commission (NPC)
  • Environmental Impact Screening by the Nunavut Impact Review Board (if deemed necessary by the Nunavut Planning Commission)
  • Special permission to use water/ deposit waste without a license (issued by the Nunavut Water Board)

Remember: a single research project may require multiple authorizations depending on the nature, scope, and location of the research activity in Nunavut.  You are ultimately responsible for securing all of the necessary authorizations for your planned field research programs.  Please contact the NRI as early as possible for help in identifying permits/authorizations required for your planned study!

Please be advised that your application will not be processed until the application form, project summary project proposal, participant consent forms and ethical review are received by NRI.

All documents should be uploaded in the following formats: MS Word, Adobe PDF or jpeg.
Please read all requirements for documentation in the application form before attaching.

Section 1: Application information
Section 2: Authorization needed

If Ethical approval has been granted please attach documentation. If the proposed project is still under ethical review please e-mail the approval when granted to (Mosha Cote)

Ethical approval
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Section 3: Description of Proposed Research

Non-Technical Project Summary
Please attach a non-technical description of the project proposal, no more than 500 words, in English and Inuktitut (+Inuinnaqtun, if in the Kitikmeot). The project description should outline the following:

  • Project title
  • Researcher's name and affiliation
  • Any affiliation or support from community or territorial group
  • Description of project, including methodology
  • Reason for research
  • Project location
  • Timeframe
Upload Non-technical Project Summary Below
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Please attach a full project proposal detailing the following information:

Overall Program

  • purpose
  • goals & objectives
  • Will the research be undertaken in conjunction with or in support of any current or proposed programs in Nunavut? If so, reference the programs and explain the relationship.


  • collection protocol
  • collection mechanisms
  • if interviewing the participant is required, provide a list of questions to be posed
  • correlation mechanisms
  • indicate why specific communities were selected for your research


  • short & long term use of data
  • accessibility to data
  • short & long term storage of data
  • disposal of data
  • other uses of data
  • intellectual property rights/ownership of data


  • quantity
  • short term & long term storage
  • accessibility to data
  • disposal of data
  • other uses of samples


  • How will the research results be communicated to the individual participants, communities, regional and Nunavut organizations?
Upload Full Project Proposal below
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Section 4: Participant consent form

Submit a copy of the actual form that will be used during the study.  The consent form must be in English and Inuktitut and must include the following details:

Project title;

The principal investigator’s name, address, e-mail address, and phone number;

A description of the research being conducted, including the purpose, objectives, aims of the study at a reading comprehension level that is appropriate for the participant;

A description of the activities/tasks that the participant will complete for the research, and an estimated time commitment for taking part, at a reading comprehension level that is appropriate for the participant;

A clear description of any potential risks that may be associated taking part in the research;

Details of any financial remuneration, incentive or other compensation to be provided to the participant for taking part in the research;

A statement of informant rights “I have been fully informed of the objectives of the project being conducted. I understand these objectives and consent to being interviewed for the project. I understand that steps will be undertaken to ensure that this interview will remain confidential unless I consent to being identified. I also understand that, if I wish to withdraw from the study, I may do so without any repercussions."

Details on the type of data, information or physical samples that will be collected from the participant and how privacy and confidentiality will be maintained;

Conditions for release of recorded information;

Printed name of participant, signature of participant, date of consent.


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