If you plan to conduct physical or natural sciences research in Nunavut, you must first submit a project proposal to the Nunavut Planning Commission, via the NPC's Project Portal (Note: the portal is compatible with Internet Explorer and Microsoft edge).

The NPC will review your project proposal and determine whether your proposed research conforms to any applicable land use plans.

Upon completion of their review (which may take up to 45 business days), the NPC will refer your proposal to the Nunavut Impact Review Board for screening (which may take up to another 45 business days.

In addition to submitting your project proposal to NPC you must also apply for a physical/natural sciences research license from the NRI.  To expedite the licensing process, you are encouraged to apply for your NRI research license while your project proposal is still under review by the NPC and/or NIRB.  Please note however, the NPC and NIRB screening processes must be completed before the NRI may issue your scientific research license.

There are two ways to apply for a scientific research license to conduct physical and natural sciences research in Nunavut.

Option one (recommended):

Complete the physical and natural sciences research application form below and submit it along with all necessary attachments. *The application form must be completed in one session; it cannot be saved and completed later.

To help you efficiently complete the online application efficiently in one session we recommend that you first download and prefill the appropriate MS license application template for physical and natural sciences research

Fields in the template match those in the online form so you can simply cut and paste prefilled text into the online form.  You will receive a response from NRI to confirm receipt of your application.  

Option two:

You may download and fill out the appropriate MS Word license application template for physical and natural sciences research. Please submit your completed application template along with all necessary attachments to NRI's Manager of Research Licensing, Mosha Cote: mosha.cote@arcticcollege.ca


1b. Previous Scientific Research License
Is this application to renew a multiyear research license issued to you in the previous year?
Has this project already been screened by the Nunavut Impact Review Board?
Please describe below
# If you applying to renew a research license for a project that was previously screened by NIRB please describe below any proposed changes to the project scope.

Examples of changes in your project scope include:
  • change in research field locations (addition of new field research sites)
  • alteration of the timing and methods of field research
  • an increase in the total number of person days of field research
  • an increase in the amount of water to be used and/or waste to be generated
1. Primary Applicant’s contact information
2. Project Supervisor’s contact information
3. Other Research Field Personnel
Name Position Affiliation Operations
Enter Name
Enter Position
Enter Affiliation
1. Identify all known regulatory authorizations required for the project
3. Have you applied for all authorizations required to conduct the project proposal activities?

Period of field research in current year

Locations of Fieldwork in Nunavut
Location Name Region Co-ordinates NTS Map Sheet # Land Status Operations
Enter Location
Select Region
Enter Co-ordinates, Lat (degree / minute), Long (degree / minute)
Enter NTS Map Sheet #
Select Land Status

If the project proposal includes a camp, please provide the coordinates of the camp location


Please attach a non-technical description of the project proposal, no more than 500 words, in English and Inuktitut (+Inuinnaqtun, if in the Kitikmeot). You may use the non-technical description already submitted to NIRB for your NIRB screening application. The project description should outline the following:

  • Project Title
  • Lead Researcher’s Name and Affiliation
  • What research questions does the project hope to answer?
  • What are the research objectives and why is the study needed?
  • Where, when, and for how long will the field research be undertaken?
  • What methods will be used to conduct fieldwork?
  • What impacts will the research produce to the environment, wildlife, or people?
  • How will the data generated by the research be stored and managed?
  • How will Nunavut residents be involved in the research? and
  • How, when, and to whom will the research results be shared in Nunavut?
Attach Files
You can upload up to 2 files.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg pdf doc docx.

Please attach a technical project proposal description including the following information:

  • Objectives: Provide well-defined short-term and long-term objectives for the overall project
  • Rationale: Describe the rationale for the project. This should be a detailed section that clearly lays out the scientific basis for the proposed work.
  • Progress to Date: Describe the results of any work completed to date.  This section should also include information on any progress in the areas of capacity building, communications and/or the use of Indigenous knowledge.
  • Methodology:  Describe project design, field research methodology, data analysis techniques, where and when the work will be carried out over the lifetime of the project.
  • Data management: Describe your data management plan, including where and when the data and metadata records will be stored.
  • Research outputs: Describe the major research outputs to be generated through the project (academic theses, publications, presentations, reports, etc.)
Attach Files
You can upload up to 3 files.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg pdf doc docx.
Will you cache fuel on Crown or Inuit Owned Lands to undertake field research activity?
If YES, please complete the table below; provide details for each planned fuel cache
Please add details below
Cache Size Fuel Type Cache Location Container Type/Size Proposed Removal Date Operations
amount of fuel in litres
(UTM or Lat/Long)
more items
*You must notify the Lands Division of INAC in advance if you intend to cache fuel on Federal Crown Lands in Nunavut!   Notification is required within 30 days of establishing the cache. You must also apply in advance to the appropriate Regional Inuit Association for permission to cache fuel on Inuit Owned Lands in Nunavut.
Will you be accessing surface waters for potable use or research purposes?
If Yes please provide the following details:
Please add details below
Daily amount of water to be used Proposed water retrieval methods Proposed water retrieval (source) location Operations
(in Litres)
Please note: You are permitted use up to 50 cubic meters of water per day in Nunavut without obtaining a licence from the Nunavut Water Board; however, you must apply to The Nunavut Water Board for authorization to use water without a license.

Any water use in excess of 50 cubic meters of water may require a Class A license from the Water Board.
1. Will you deposit sewage to a sump?
*If yes, have you applied to the Nunavut Water Board for approval to deposit waste without a license (required for any deposit of sewage to a sump in Nunavut)
1. List the community representatives that have been contacted in relation to this project and attach a summary of consultations if available:
Community Name Organization Date Contacted Operations
Enter Community
Enter Name
Enter Organization
5. Will you be collecting traditional knowledge or undertaking other social/health research activities in Nunavut as part of this research project?
Have you submitted a social sciences and/or health research application for the above described activities?
1. Do you give NRI permission to publish project information in the Nunavut Research Institute Annual Compendium of Research Undertaken in Nunavut?
2. If your research is related to climate change, do you agree to share your annual summary report with the Nunavut Climate Change Centre at climatechange@gov.nu.ca?
2. If your research is related to climate change, do you agree to share your annual summary report with the Nunavut Climate Change Centre at climatechange@gov.nu.ca?

3. In addition to the application form, please check that the following have been submitted to NIRI:

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